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CovQ Insights 2021: Cutting Through Complexity Unlocks Massive Value Creation Upside for Growth Companiesby Ralf Hirt

8W8 Global Business Builders developed in collaboration with more than 70 entrepreneurs, founders, executives, board members, investors, and academics the Compound Value Creator Quotient, aka CovQ or put simply: ‘the IQ of a company,’ and is now releasing the CovQ Insights 2021 findings. 

CovQ is is the world’s first assessment that enables companies, their founders, executives, board members, and investors to discover a firm’s intelligence and quality with respect to creating value, compounding it, identifying the most necessary issues to be addressed, and opportunities to be developed and focused on. In comparison, more than 50 million people took the Myers Briggs personality test (MBTI Myers Briggs Type Indicator).

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Hey, Scale-Ups: Are You Using The Most Powerful Force In The Universe To Grow?by Renita Kalhorn

Never before have founders had so much access to capital to build their dream companies.

Crunchbase reports that the last decade has seen about $1.5 trillion of venture capital worldwide, with almost $300 billion of that invested in 32,800 venture capital deals in the last year alone. 

How to Deliver the Full Potential? – Horasis Extraordinary Meeting on the USA, 18 March 2021

How to Deliver the Full Potential? Growth, Value Creation, Outcomes Business is about creating stakeholder value above and beyond competitors’ performance.

While all companies and investors aim for this only a small percentage manages to deliver the full potentials of their enterprises. What are the challenges with scaling up and transforming in times of endless opportunities? What methods, skills, and tools enable ongoing success?

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Moderating ‘How To Deliver The Full Potential’ with Accomplished Speakers at the Horasis Extraordinary Meeting on the USA

On March 18, 2021, at the digital all-day Horasis Extraordinary Meeting on the USA – Rebuilding Trust, 8W8 Global Business Builders’ CEO, Ralf Hirt, will be chairing the panel ‘How to Deliver the Full Potential? Growth, Value Creation, Outcomes’ with five highly accomplished speakers. 

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What is the IQ of your company, aka CovQ?by Ralf Hirt

It has been for some time that people are being assessed in many ways, but how ‘clever’ companies are, has not been on the radar screen of any of us. 

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B2B Go-to-Market Strategies in 2020by Lauren Desrosiers

How to Navigate B2B Sales in Our New Virtual World. As part of the German Accelerator “Pass The Mic” series, we hosted a virtual fireside chat with serial entrepreneurs about adapting B2B go-to-market strategies and the extra adjustments that are required due to COVID-19.

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NPS (Net Promoter Score) is A Dinosaur in The Age of AI and Sucks in B2Bby Dan Hestbaek

NPS has been the golden standard since its commencement almost 20 years ago where Fred Reichheld and Bain introduced it to assess consumers’ likelihood to recommend products. Several consulting companies have since brought NPS into the B2B vertical. 

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Hello Bauhaus Platform by 8W8 Global Business Builders! (Never waste a crisis! Part 2)by Ralf Hirt

The last three-plus Coronavirus months have been challenging in one way or another for almost all of us. I mentioned in my post ‘Never waste a crisis’ back at the beginning that I am going to ‘walk the walk’ and will be ‘doubling down’ on myself empowering others. 

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Platforms: The digital supreme discipline on the stock exchangeby Dr. Holger Schmidt, Hamidreza Hosseini

Not just the best product, but the right business model determines success or failure in today’s digital markets. Apple could outperform Nokia in the past, due to the changing the business model based on product platform. The interactions around the iPhone has been transformed into one and more platforms with the two million applications from the App Store and all other Ecosystems around the business model. Later on, Amazon could outperform the online competition based on the platform strategy with three million retailers created a superior offering.