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Business Fitness Check in Volatile Times: CovQ Assessment for Exec Teams, Boards, and Investors of Forward-thinking Companiesby Ralf Hirt

Volatile times? Based on the immediate and structured input of your executive team and/or board you quickly find out the status quo of your company’s value drivers based on the CovQ methodology. The results empower you to act and align your local and decentral management to define and focus on the mission critical priorities that matter the most. No preparation is necessary. Now is the time to act quickly and apply data-driven strategic decision-making created by you and with full executive team buy-in. 

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Thriving Corporate IQs Require Smart Systems – Panel at Horasis Global Meeting 2022

On March 19th, at the virtual Horasis Global Meeting our CEO Ralf Hirt will be chairing the panel ‘Thriving Corporate IQs Require Smart Systems’. One of the biggest challenges growth companies face is that executive management teams and their boards are going to get misaligned throughout strategy cycles. Teams are getting lost in their day-to-day work and fire drills instead of always focusing on what really matters the most. What is the next-gen approach for this so that knowledge meets empowering technology infrastructure?

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Powered by CovQ – Building Trust with Investorsby Ralf Hirt

Fine US venture capital firms have recently added the CovQ, aka Compound Value Creator Quotient, smart Value Creation OS to their tech stack that they recommend to their portfolio companies while CovQ customers can now add the ‘Powered by CovQ’ logo to their investor presentations and marketing materials. 

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CovQ Platform Illustrationby Ralf Hirt

CovQ Platform – Integrated Value Creation and Business Building OS

What is the IQ of your Company? Measure, Develop, Apply, Evolve, Repeat – Horasis USA Meeting 2022

Companies are poised to deliver exponential growth to defend their market position, increase their market share as well as valuations. Scaling up is when the rubber hits the road and theories meet practice. Ongoing value creation is the key to delivering on a firm’s purpose and mission. How can companies assess, develop and apply their IQs to make things happen, track their progress, evolve, to keep winning?

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Get out of Survival with the Mental 6-Pack Systemby Renita Kalhorn

Ted, the CEO of a tech scale-up, raised almost $100 million in VC funding last year and is in high-growth mode, expanding his business across Europe and the US. 

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Product Led Growth: What No One Tells You About That You Really Need to Knowby Chris Mele

One of the best things about the software industry is its unwavering belief that there is always a better way.  No mousetrap that can’t be built better. This creates an intoxicating energy that flows through the industry’s consciousness. I am sure it is what attracted me to the industry a couple of decades ago and has kept me motivated over the years. 

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What is the IQ of your Company? Panel at the Horasis USA Meeting

On March 04, 2022, at the virtual Horasis USA Meeting, 8W8 Global Business Builders’ CEO, Ralf Hirt, will be chairing the panel ‘What is the IQ of your company? Measure, Develop, Apply, Evolve, Repeat’ with five highly accomplished speakers.

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How to sell your Shopify store with OpenStore

January is all about New Years resolutions and to kickstart the new year, we have Darren from OpenStore on the show! In this episode Nick and Darren discuss why business owners would want to sell their Shopify stores, what makes a business attractive to buy, how to price a company and much, much more…