“The most powerful force in the world is compound interest.”
Albert Einstein
“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”
“Success isn’t about how your life looks to others. It’s about how it feels to you.”
Michelle Obama
“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”
Warren Buffet
“I always listen to what I can leave out.”
About 8W8
8W8 Global Business Builders provides the Bauhaus platform encompassing a method, a framework, know-how, experts and specialist to create ongoing compound value momentum for founders and business owners.

It exists out of five modules: DEEP – Access to Experience and Know-How. IMPACT – A Dream Team of Practices and Tactics, whose goals are to empower founders and business owners to develop their business into the desired market position and concretely execute strategically and tactically. CREATES – Allows it to create strategic initiatives, building teams and setting compound value objectives. VALUE – This is the dashboard in which the progress of the strategic initiatives is monitored and the compound value created is visualized. BUILDING: People always make the difference so this is where Bauhaus specialists and experts are and founders and business owners are developed.


Bauhaus applied is clear, disciplined, agile, transparent, highly focused, and ongoing. Bauhaus flexibly severs as a mastermind, supervisor, coach, mentor, lifelong partner, and hence follows the principles of a holistic and systematic management approach with the goal of being ahead of the curve, always. DEEP IMPACT CREATES VALUE BUILDING.

The Benefits

and more
A pragmatic approach
Maximizing top and bottom line
Learn to understand hype cycles
Reduce risk and stress
Understand scaling from phase to phase
Remove emotions from decision making
Orchestrated focus
Leverage modules, practices and tactics as needed
Know what not to do
Unleash new potentials
Maximizing top and bottom line
Applying 8W8 builds trust with investors
Reduce risk and stress
More fun
Know what not to do
Enjoy compounded value and momentum
Highly focused and specific
Agile and flexible
Clear, structured and disciplined
Transparent, informed and institutionalized


Nordic Health Group is a data-driven CBD company servicing the US and twelve European countries. Nordic Oil’s and Nordic Cosmetics premium offerings include CBD oils, extracts, vitamins, and skincare products setting new standards in quality and customer service.

“Everything is easier if you know how it’s done, but as a young entrepreneur, there are a whole lot of things you do not know, and you have to rely heavily on your gut feeling and intuition. With the 8W8 platform ‘Bauhaus’, Ralf’s help, and access to experts and specialists, we have developed a structured approach to growth, which helped us to scale from 20-some employees to more than 70 employees within a year – all while still remaining bootstrapped and profitable.”

Dannie Hansen Founder & CEO of Nordic Health Group

Accenture acquired PRION GROUP – a leading consulting firm and systems integrator specializing in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software – to help its clients increase the ROI in PLM by accelerating and optimizing their implementations, particularly in Europe and North America.

“True story: Ralf and I were drafting the first go-go-market strategy for PRION sitting at the kitchen table at my home. As a result, we then applied a holistic and system-oriented management approach over our 16-years long journey of expansion. 8W8 acted also as our guide and mastermind throughout the sale to and transition into Accenture providing support, expertise, and specialists.”

Chris Frim Founder/CEO PRION GROUP and former MD Accenture

Based in the heart of silicon valley, DistroScale is a provider of an end-to-end video platform solution and together with DistroTV, which offers video content to globally-minded audiences in the US, Canada, and the UK, reaching 250 million monthly unique users.

‘Right at the inception of DistroScale, I engaged Ralf and 8W8 as we were committed from day one to smartly leverage the global dynamics of audiences, content creation/distribution, and video advertising opportunities. We have been benefitting nicely from the profound experience, solid global footprint, and expansion orchestration provided.”

Navdeep Saini Founder & CEO

HOSS is disrupting the $570 billion furniture industry by providing a vertically integrated Platform-as-a-Service solution, taking a data-driven approach to maximize efficiency and design products that consumers desire. This is expressed in both its HOSS furniture line and its white-label offerings.

‘As a former management consultant, I realized right away that Bauhaus by 8W8 is a paradigm shift and is revolutionizing how companies are being steered. In a relatively short time, we pivoted to a PaaS and D-t-C play followed by the development of a strong strategy for hossworld.com for the years to come.’

Višen Matković Founder & CEO, HOSS

L.A. based Viveka is in the business of ‘Reimaging Humanity’ and providing the viveka.world platform granting companies, coaches and individuals access to more professional development and personal growth

“We have an amazing opportunity ahead and therefore started applying the Bauhaus approach in order to stay laser-focused and incorporate a maximum of best practices on our exciting journey. Being able to rely on the support of Ralf and his team of builders is a huge asset for us, I recommend his services to all entrepreneurs wanting to fast track their success.”

Katja Kempe CEO & Founder, Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Australia

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