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Welcome to CovQ – The world’s first and only Compound value creator Quotient for an enterprise. Never stop scaling. Every company should take the CovQ assessment.

Why do you need to know your CovQ?

Because only by having an excellent, system-oriented handle on all value-generating and failure avoiding management tasks will you deliver the full potential of your business!

By aligning your strategic and tactical initiatives you will produce an outstanding outcome that is steadily creating compound value.

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“The most powerful force in the world is compound interest.”

Albert Einstein

The time to find out your CovQ is now!

CovQ, the Compound value creator Quotient of an enterprise, has been developed based on the awesome input of more than 70 entrepreneurs, executives, techies, investors, and academics. They all together have more than 1000 years of business building experience.

The CovQ assessment is based on 60 questions in the five categories of the CovQ business building platform DEEP - IMPACT - CREATES - VALUE - BUILDING, which you answer on a scale from 1 - 10. The average time for the assessment is twenty minutes. You then will receive your CovQ score and a summary allowing you to see where you fit in.

For many getting to know their CovQ was an eye-opener, change catalysator, and fine-tuning experience, which altogether lays the foundation for fantastic, constant, and successful strategy development and execution.

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Please contact us if you are interested in applying the CovQ assessment for a larger group of people or a portfolio of companies or like to learn more about the CovQ SaaS platform.

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In Touch is the leading network for elite professionals, combining learning and development with world-class coaching to guide professionals through their career transitions. In Touch's award-winning platform has helped thousands of members in their journey to the boardroom, through its unrivaled learning and development programs and access to an extensive network of like-minded people. In Touch has achieved recognition from the likes of Deloitte and The Financial Times and has offices across the US, in the UK and Australia.

“No company would ask themselves all the questions from the CovQ assessment. As a result, we are hosting webinars for our board and advisor members so that they can learn more about it and how it can be applied to their businesses.”

Naomi Kent President North America, Board Member - In Touch

Sipora is Australia's leading round-up as a service platform. Sipora enables organizations to build, launch, and maintain their own round-up application.

“After running through our CovQ assessment results with the 8W8 team, it was as clear as day where we needed to concentrate in the short, medium, and long term. The questions helped elicit a true picture of our business at this early stage across a range of different metrics . As a startup, this is incredibly important and will help set us up for a successful future especially as we look to our Series A cap raising round later this year .”

Jonathan Despinidic Sipora Co-Founder

Centered in NYC, the global hub of business, Columbia Business School offers its diverse and entrepreneurial students daily access to influential industry leaders. The twofold mission is the commitment to educating and developing leaders and builders of enterprises who create value for their stakeholders and society at large as well as the commitment to creating and disseminating pathbreaking knowledge, concepts, and tools, which advance the understanding and practice of management.

"I like the fact that it is a structured approach and that the CovQ Enterprise version can be customized to each business’s unique challenges and needs. As a result, companies have the necessary insights to draw the right conclusions and can make meaningful impacts in strategic yet agile ways to start compounding."

Prof. Keith Todd Wilcox Columbia Business School, New York City

quantilope is the market-leading SaaS solution for executing automated and advanced market research methods servicing leading brands globally. It is developing the Insights Operating System empowering insights managers and marketers to become truly agile.

In Q3/20 quantilope closed a Series B funding round of $28 million led by Digital+ Partners along with Silicon Valley Bank providing debt financing and the participation of the existing investors Dawn Capital, Senovo, and Surplus.

“As an agile market research SaaS company, we particularly appreciate leveraging systematically generated insights and convert those into actionable strategies. As my co-founder and I took the CovQ assessment it allowed us not only to perfectly align but also to double down on our strengths and create space to initiate further growth strategies. We are expanding really fast, hence methods and tools are simply a must.”

Dr. Tom Fandrich Chief Commercial Officer | MD USA | Co-Founder

Headquartered in Singapore with offices in the US and India, Skuad provides a platform to effortlessly build exceptional technology teams anywhere and is specialized in deeply vetted product managers, software engineers, data scientists and digital marketers to quickly execute product digitization roadmaps.

“We are scaling our fast growing global organization as well as client base. Taking the CovQ assessment was exactly what we needed to identify and bundle our synergetic opportunities by at the same time not doing too much of everything, which always is a tricky one in hyper growth environments. Focus always wins, you just need the tools to enforce it.”

Dave Fall Co-founder Skuad, former exec at Tapad (acquired by Telenor Group), Google

Cornell Tech is Cornell University’s groundbreaking campus for technology research and education on Roosevelt Island in New York City. Founded in partnership with the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and the City of New York, Cornell Tech achieves global reach and local impact, extending Cornell University’s long history of leading innovation in computer science and engineering.

“Throughout my entire career, I have helped clients incorporate the right mix of data, technology, and marketing channel to efficiently scale their businesses while driving direct ROI. Now, as a visiting Professor at Cornell Tech in NYC and a business founder, I was looking for a systematic and quantifiable approach to guide decisions to leverage the drivers of value creation. The CovQ assessment, which is a transparent scoring highlighting a textured view of one's current company's situation, is at the heart of this approach and is the pivotal first-step to get going. Taking CovQ took me only 20 minutes. A time extremely well spent.”

Neeraj Kochhar Visiting Professor, Cornell Tech, New York
Ex WPP, IPG, Google/DoubleClick (NYC, Mumbai, Singapore)

Lift is the leading client churn prediction platform used by the largest marketing services companies including IPG, OmnicomGroup, Publicis Groupe, WPP. The predictions can be linked to financial numbers (CRM or ERP systems) enabling customers to know what’s the financial risk across their client portfolio at any point in time and focus on building out existing revenue streams instead of losing them.

“The concept of compound value creation has certainly made deep inroads in the strategic initiatives we create, fully execute, and measure. The results of the CovQ assessment really make you set clear direction, define the right focus, and develop tactics and teams to move the business constantly forward.”

Dan Hestbeak Founder & CEO of Lift Relations

PAFnow empowers users to gain full transparency about processes. Companywide or project specific, for large quantities of data or for small optimization projects, every Office 365 user can use the PAFnow data mining tools and tear down the barriers to process mining. Due to the integration of PAFnow with Microsoft Power BI clients can do much more than just analyzing data. PAFnow customers can collaborate, communicate and directly start optimization measures as soon as optimization potential is identified.

“As a strategic partner of Microsoft's Power BI business analytics solution, we, the Process Analytics Factory and provider of the PAFnow data mining tools, are scaling our global business in line with Power BI's rapid market share expansion. Now we are using the comprehnsive and clear results of the CovQ assessment to implement additional laser-focused strategies that are going to enhance our growth and value building journey for the years to come.”

Tobias Rother CEO & Founder PAFnow
(Process Analytics Factory)