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Hello Bauhaus Platform by 8W8 Global Business Builders! (Never waste a crisis! Part 2)by Ralf Hirt

The last three-plus Coronavirus months have been challenging in one way or another for almost all of us. I mentioned in my post ‘Never waste a crisis’ back at the beginning that I am going to ‘walk the walk’ and will be ‘doubling down’ on myself empowering others. 

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Platforms: The digital supreme discipline on the stock exchangeby Dr. Holger Schmidt, Hamidreza Hosseini

Not just the best product, but the right business model determines success or failure in today’s digital markets. Apple could outperform Nokia in the past, due to the changing the business model based on product platform. The interactions around the iPhone has been transformed into one and more platforms with the two million applications from the App Store and all other Ecosystems around the business model. Later on, Amazon could outperform the online competition based on the platform strategy with three million retailers created a superior offering.

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Why your CEO should create an unachievable budgetby Doug Knopper

The CEO’s job in the budget process is an art, not a science. Yes, the actual budget itself is a mathematical spreadsheet that needs to balance across every row and column.  But a strong CEO knows how to use a budget like a work of art to drive priorities, create compelling messaging to all of the various parties, and powerfully motivate the teams.  In my years as CEO, here’s what I’ve found to be the most important components in creating a powerful budget.

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Is “Cultural Debt” hurting your organization’s growth? (Part 2)by Peter Phelan

In Part 1 of this piece on minimizing Cultural Debt in your organization, we explored how some high level best practices for managing your consumer credit score (specifically the FICO score in the U.S.) can readily apply to intentional investment in employee goodwill.

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Is “Cultural Debt” hurting your organization’s growth? (Part 1)by Peter Phelan

I came from Ireland to New York City in the late ‘90s with no job or home lined up. All I had was a few hundred dollars to my name and a promise of a one-week couch crash from a friend whose roommate’s patience would turn into a pumpkin (one of those scary jack-o’-lantern ones) on night eight.

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Building a Trust Environmentby Bennie Smith

Creating a Trust Environment is a challenge for any business but particularly for the new and growing enterprise, knowing how and when can also be a question that many struggle with.

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Scaling a Tech Company? Here’s Why You Need a Content Person ASAPby Stephen Milioti

Let me start by saying I’m a writer, editor, and content strategist. And this short piece is about how you need one of those for your tech business. So is this a job interview? Maybe … want to talk? But even if we never do, or you find someone else (I’m not the jealous type!), you need to consult with an experienced content person — ASAP — when you’re launching a tech company.

I’ve talked to too many people in very different stages of digital scale-ups. Often, I hear two things: “I’m being scrappy and writing it myself” and — often the proposed reason for the previous quote — “I did not want to afford a content person yet.” Here are 5 top reasons why you have to get it in the budget (and also, if you don’t have a huge budget, try us anyway … how expensive do you think we are?!)

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How Video Game Studios Can Create Large-Scale Platformsby Dr. Serkan Toto

The world’s major gaming companies today have one strategic goal in common: ultimately, they all want to become platforms.

Apple and Google now boast billions of users on their app stores, Nintendo’s “My Nintendo” account program counts hundreds of millions of fans on console and smartphones, and Sony receives US$60 per year from each of their over 40 million so-called PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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8W8 – Global Space Tribes – Extended 2020 Editionby Ralf Hirt

A Postmodern Journey through Globalization in the Digital Age Powered by the World Modeling Engine 8W8

8W8 – Global Space Tribes is a new way to see the world. It is written for everyone who uses the Internet and mobile technologies, travels and is interested in any aspect of the world in the 21st century….