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CovQ HBR AS Report Release Event with and at Grant Thornton New York City

We are excited to share some impressions of our exclusive launch event celebrating the Special Report, “Mastering Value Creation by Centering Strategy and Execution,” produced by HBR Analytic Services (Harvard Business Review) in association with CovQ by 8W8. The event was hosted at Grant Thornton in New York City. We would like to thank Markus Veith, Partner at Grant Thornton in charge of the Northeast Financial Institutions Practice, for facilitating the event, and Alex Clemente, Managing Director of HBR Analytic Services, for presenting the findings and moderating the panel with accomplished business leaders Alasdair Trotter, National Managing Principal and Head of Growth Advisory at Grant Thornton, Stas Chijik, CEO of CovQ client Billfold, and Ralf Hirt, CEO of CovQ by 8W8.

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CovQ by 8W8 in Association with HBR Analytic Services Produces Special Report ‘Mastering Value Creation’, Announces Initial Funding Round, and Reveals Evolved Brandingby Ralf Hirt

CovQ by 8W8, in association with HBR Analytic Services, is thrilled to have produced in association with HBR Analytic Services the illuminating Special Report titled ‘Mastering Value Creation.’ This exclusive report, available for download from and (Harvard Business Review), is the culmination of an intensive four-month research endeavor. It features insights gleaned from in-depth interviews with distinguished academics such as Prof. Rita McGrath from Columbia University and Prof. Simon Grand from St. Gallen University, as well as references to authoritative sources including BCG and McKinsey, along with insights from CovQ by 8W8 and CovQ clients.

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CovQ Benchmark Insights 2024by Ralf Hirt

8W8 Global Business Builders developed in collaboration with more than 70 entrepreneurs, executives, board members, investors, consultants, and academics the value-driver-based CovQ (Compound Value Creator Quotient) assessment system, or put simply: ‘the Corporate IQ of a Company,’ and is now releasing the CovQ Benchmarks Insights 2024. All companies included took the CovQ assessments with multiple participants of their management teams. Executive team alignment levels are measured as well and are part of the dataset.

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Corporate IQ Q&A, #CovQby Ralf Hirt

Can a company have a corporate IQ?  Yes, it can if you use data to assess, identify and deploy its attributes and value drivers through mission and value-creation-focused systems. 

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CovQ Insights of Exec Team Alignment Report: Communication is lacking measurement, data-driven tools, and structure, especially in hybrid/remote work environmentsby Ralf Hirt

Two recent Harvard Business Review titles were about strategy: ‘Strategies for Turbulent Times – A new way plan for the unknown’ and ‘How good is your Company at Change? You can improve your ability to adapt.’ Strategies have the sole purpose of delivering the company’s mission so everything needs to be cascaded and implemented into the organization starting at the very top. Therefore it is essential that executive management and also boards are aligned as much as possible and are proactive because this is the basis for all internal and external communication and for defining mission-critical priorities, strategies, actions, and goals.

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Gartner ThinkCast Podcast

According to Gartner research, only 29% of strategy leaders believe their plans change quickly enough in the face of unforeseen change. In just the past few years, enterprises have had to navigate a global pandemic, economic volatility and generative AI — cosmic shifts that can affect everything from budgeting to staffing to supply chain. A nimble strategic plan is crucial for businesses to come out the other side unscathed — or better.

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Introducing CovQ+ for Enterprises and Partners for Systematic, Customized and Adaptive Strategy Managementby Ralf Hirt

The Value Creation OS CovQ (Compound Value Creator Quotient) has been amplified by the new module CovQ+ allowing forward-thinking management teams and partners to develop customized value drivers, which can be added to the CovQ Assessment’s 60 core value drivers in order to address a companies’, business units’ or functions’ specific needs, domain uniqueness, data sources and competencies. The value creation OS CovQ encompasses a corporate IQ assessment system, a framework, method and knowledge for digital strategy management and team collaboration and alignment.

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Google’s Bard unveils 21 Best Practices and Benefits applying the Value Creation OS CovQ by Ralf Hirt

Hello Bard, could you please describe the Value Creation OS CovQ (Compound Value Creator Quotient) in your own words and lay out the related business building process and strategic planning steps and best practices? “Sure. CovQ is a value creation operating system (OS) that helps companies to improve their value creation capabilities. It does this by providing a framework for assessing the company’s current value creation capabilities, identifying areas for improvement, setting goals and objectives, developing a strategic plan, implementing the plan, tracking progress, and making adjustments as needed.

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ChatGPT’s 12 Reasons for the Instant Adoption of a Value Creation OS like CovQby Ralf Hirt

Hello ChatGPT, What are the best reasons to implement a value creation operating system, like CovQ, immediately?

“Implementing a value creation operating system, such as CovQ, can offer several compelling reasons to do so immediately. Here are some of the key benefits.