Companies are poised to deliver exponential growth to defend their market position, increase their market share as well as valuations. Scaling up is when the rubber hits the road and theories meet practice. Ongoing value creation is the key to delivering on a firm’s purpose and mission. How can companies assess, develop and apply their IQs to make things happen, track their progress, evolve, to keep winning?

• Matt Blumberg, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bolster, USA
• Katja Kempe, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Viveka, USA
• Naomi Kent, President North America, In Touch Networks, USA
• John Koetsier, Senior Contributor, Forbes, USA
• David Siegel, Chief Executive Officer, Meetup, USA Chaired by

Chaired by
• Ralf Hirt, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, 8W8 Global Business Builders, USA