How to Deliver the Full Potential? Growth, Value Creation, Outcomes Business is about creating stakeholder value above and beyond competitors’ performance.

While all companies and investors aim for this only a small percentage manages to deliver the full potentials of their enterprises. What are the challenges with scaling up and transforming in times of endless opportunities? What methods, skills, and tools enable ongoing success?

• Chris Cunningham, Founding Partner, C2 Ventures, USA
• Ryan Denehy, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Electric, USA
• Renita Kalhorn, Contributor, Forbes, USA
• Michael Rubenstein, Former President, Appnexus, USA
• Navin Thukkaram, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Innovation, Bootcamp, USA

Chaired by
• Ralf Hirt, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, 8W8 Global Business Builders, USA