In July 2021, 8W8 Global Business Builders provider of the Compound Value Creator Quotient platform and assessment, aka CovQ, ran a LinkedIn Poll addressing:

Founders – Executives and Management – Board Members – Investors

The Poll was posted on LinkedIn to:

8W8 Global Business Builders – Accenture Alumni – Google Alumni – In Touch – New York Venture Community – Others

The Poll existed out of one straightforward question:

‘How much would you be happy to pay per
year to increase your company’s IQ by 10%?’

LinkedIn original post example:

Breakdown of participation:

Key Takeaways

91 % find improving the IQ of a Company valuable and are happy to pay for it $30,000 or more per year

58% answered it is a no brainer to happily spend $250,000 a year for a 10% Company IQ increase 

9 % do not find improving the IQ of a company valuable and/or do not want or can not afford to spend $30,000

100% of Big Companies, Big Consulting and Big Investors are happy to pay for a Company IQ increase*

Generally, the more senior the individuals and the larger the organization the higher the enthusiasm to justify a higher price

In the examples of the poll, the ROI’s would be reached at either the same EBITDA or Valuation Increase as the cost of $250,000, $90,000 or 30,000 respectively

LinkedIn poll comment, by Erich Joachimsthaler, Ph.D., who is the Founder and CEO of Vivaldi, a strategic business transformation firm that focuses on brand, innovation, and growth; and the best-selling author of several books including ‘The Interaction Field: The Revolutionary New Way to Create Shared Value for Companies, Customers and Society’, ‘Hidden in Plain Sight: How to Find and Execute Your Company’s Next Big Growth Strategy’ and Brand Leadership: The Next Level of the Brand Revolution and over 100 articles. He studies the impact of technology on customers for brands and businesses from a demand-first perspective and works closely with senior executives inside companies.

Thanks to everyone participating in the poll. We hope all readers find the results useful.

For those interested in finding out the IQ of their company to start with, please feel free to take the Compound Value Creator Quotient, aka CovQ, assessment on, and for those keen on actually developing their CovQ and related value creation please check out the CovQ platform Always keep in mind that Deep Impact Creates Value Building. 

*for more details please contact value [at]

About the author:
Ralf Hirt Founder & CEO, 8W8 Advisors Inc., NYC
Ralf Hirt, launched 8W8 Global Business Builders to deliver on his vision to empower founders and business owners to deliver the full potential of their purposes and create compound value. Ralf has accumulated extensive experience throughout a diverse career encompassing volatile phases in the tech, marketing and commerce industries. He held operational executive positions (CXO, MD, VP) around the world including Hong Kong / China, Sydney / Australia, London / UK, Munich / Germany. Last but not least he relocated with DoubleClick (acquired by Google) from Asia to New York City, where he has resided since 2005. In other roles, he drove growth for tech companies such as Harri, TUNE (acquired by Constellation Software), MODE and fit CRM (acquired by Omnicom) as well as advising Prion Group from inception to the successful sale to Accenture.

As a ‘fun fact,’ whilst working with digital publishers and marketers from all over the world as well as circling the globe innumerable times by air and all forms of transport, he developed a desire to make these invisible global and local developments visible; putting things into perspective, creating a context and making the complex accessible. The result was 8W8, the ‘New World Modelling Engine,’ which he introduced in the fiction work 8W8 - Global Space Tribes in 2007 and as an extended edition in summer 2020.

Having worked in companies employing from thirty to several thousand people, mentored dozens of tech businesses, consulted to numerous investors, and benefitted from exec education at INSEAD, SGMI and Prof G (Prof. Scott Galloway), Ralf has consolidated all of his learnings in one cohesive and comprehensive entity. 8W8 Global Business Builders has developed the platform Bauhaus encompassing a method, a framework, know-how and people to create compound value and empower founders and business owners to achieve their full potential and maximise their success in the market.