New York City, May 14, 2024 — CovQ by 8W8, in association with HBR Analytic Services, is thrilled to have produced in association with HBR Analytic Services the illuminating Special Report titled ‘Mastering Value Creation.’ This exclusive report, available for download from and (Harvard Business Review), is the culmination of an intensive four-month research endeavor. It features insights gleaned from in-depth interviews with distinguished academics such as Prof. Rita McGrath from Columbia University and Prof. Simon Grand from St. Gallen University, as well as references to authoritative sources including BCG and McKinsey, along with insights from CovQ by 8W8 and CovQ clients.

The report’s findings underscore the emergence of a new category: value creation management platforms. It emphasizes that companies failing to embrace these platforms can risk significant consequences in today’s competitive landscape. Furthermore, they may miss out on enjoying a comprehensive set of compounding benefits from augmented data-driven decision-making, cost savings, distinct brand development, alignment increase, employer attractiveness, and many more leading to better ROEs, ROIs, and shareholder value. The report’s launch was commemorated with an exclusive event hosted by CovQ by 8W8 and Grant Thornton, whose partner in charge of the Northeast Financial Institutions Practice, Markus Veith, kicked off the event and HBR Analytic Services managing director, Alex Clemente, shared findings and moderated the panel Mastering Value Creation. The panelists included accomplished participants including Alasdair Trotter, National Managing Principal and Head of Growth Advisory at Grant Thornton, Stas Chijik, CEO of Billfold, and Ralf Hirt, CEO of CovQ by 8W8.

“Adopting a more rigorous, data-driven approach to value creation process yields better internal alignment, higher quality decisions, greater agility and enhanced talent recruitment and retention. As we have seen in this study, new technology is making it possible to be very instrumented, structured, and transparent”, said Alex Clemente, managing director, HBR Analytic Services.

Building on this momentum, CovQ by 8W8 is proud to announce its decision to consolidate its platform name and trademark as ‘CovQ.’ This strategic move underscores the company’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions in value creation management. 

Furthermore, CovQ by 8W8 is pleased to announce the successful completion of an initial angel round of funding, attracting investments from a select group of investors with backgrounds spanning Accenture, Adobe, Alphabet, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, MongoDB, Oracle, Pinterest, SAP, Uber, Unilever, and X, along with several CovQ customers.

“We are thrilled to have produced in association with HBR Analytic Services the illuminating Special Report ‘Mastering Value Creation,'” remarked Ralf Hirt, CEO at CovQ by 8W8. “This report, coupled with our evolved branding and the successful closure of our initial funding round, positions CovQ by 8W8 at the forefront of innovation in value creation management. We are grateful for the support of our investors, partners, and stakeholders as we continue to drive positive change and empower organizations to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.”

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About the author:
Ralf Hirt CEO & Founder - CovQ by 8W8
Chief Executive Officer and founder, Ralf Hirt, launched CovQ by 8W8 with a vision to empower business owners, management teams, partners, and investors to achieve their full potential and create compound value. Ralf brings extensive experience from diverse roles across volatile phases in the tech, marketing, and commerce industries, holding operational executive positions worldwide, including Hong Kong/China, Sydney/Australia, London/UK, Munich/Germany, and New York City since 2005. Throughout his career, Ralf has driven growth for tech companies such as Harri, TUNE (acquired by Branch & Constellation Software), MODE, DoubleClick (acquired by Google), fit CRM (acquired by Omnicom), in addition to advising Prion Group from inception to successful sale to Accenture. A 'fun fact': Ralf's global experiences inspired the creation of 8W8, the 'New World Modelling Engine,' introduced in his fiction work "8W8 – Global Space Tribes" in 2007 and expanded in summer 2020. With a background spanning companies of various sizes and mentoring dozens of tech businesses, Ralf consolidated his learnings into CovQ by 8W8 leading to the development of the CovQ Value Creation OS and the briefing paper 'Mastering Value Creation by Centering Strategy and Execution' produced by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in association with CovQ by 8W8.