Let me start by saying I’m a writer, editor, and content strategist. And this short piece is about how you need one of those for your tech business. So is this a job interview? Maybe … want to talk? But even if we never do, or you find someone else (I’m not the jealous type!), you need to consult with an experienced content person — ASAP — when you’re launching a tech company.

I’ve talked to too many people in very different stages of digital scale-ups. Often, I hear two things: “I’m being scrappy and writing it myself” and — often the proposed reason for the previous quote — “I did not want to afford a content person yet.” Here are 5 top reasons why you have to get it in the budget (and also, if you don’t have a huge budget, try us anyway … how expensive do you think we are?!)

You’re not a writer. But guess what … I wouldn’t have any clue how to secure funding rounds or program anything besides my DVR. We have very different strengths. (Which is what makes us so good for each other!) But I know about consumer tech and how to speak to core customers with a digital-first focus. Oh, and if you are a good writer… remember… every writer needs an editor. And it’s helpful to work together; your content helper provides a starting point and you go back and forth. On that note…

You need to get out of your own head. For 99% of startup owners, their company is their baby and their lifeblood. It’s the definition of a bubble: you are generally by yourself, thinking and strategizing by yourself. A writer is not only a person to bounce ideas off, but someone who’s able to help you articulate those ideas. And that includes taking a fresh look at concepts that might seem like second nature to you but may be confusing to a consumer without some small finessing — or, in some cases, a ground-up rethink. And on that note…

You need to remain flexible. Just like a psychotherapist is there to challenge you on negative psychological patterns and an interior designer is there to help you rethink your love of shag rugs, a content strategist can have a fruitful, productive conversation with you, and provide you with new views of how to speak about your company, demystify potentially obscure concepts, and offer fresh ideas. Ideas you may not have even had because you’re spending so much time in the weeds every day. And speaking of those weeds…

You need to delegate. Entrepreneurs need to free up as much time as possible so they can do what they do best: being entrepreneurs. Your vision and big-picture thinking are what you need to be spending the vast majority of your bandwidth on. It’s important to take the time to impart that vision to others and empower them to run with it, so you can have time to run your company (and eat lunch, for that matter). 

And if none of those got your attention, how about this: You’ll make more money. A content director — especially one with marketing experience — knows how to translate your goals to the written page. And one of your goals is probably to make money. A good content guru will understand this is likely a main goal, and focus on strategizing, planning, creating, and testing content aimed at conversion, engagement, loyalty — and sales. 

About the author:
Stephen Milioti Editorial Director / Digital Content Strategist / Editor & Writer
A widely published, multifaceted brand voice lead and content director with extensive digital and print experience, I’m proven at applying my creative and strategic skills to help build indelible verbal identities for brands. I'm adept at finding ways to grow engagement, traffic, revenue, and interest without compromising editorial integrity and quality. I’ve written and edited for publications including The New York Times, New York, Elle, Time Out New York, Fortune, Forbes, Departures, and the Columbia Journal of American Studies. I have also consulted editorially on the corporate, agency, and client sides for companies including R/GA, Condé Nast and Mercedes-Benz.