The Value Creation OS CovQ (Compound Value Creator Quotient) has been amplified by the new module CovQ+ allowing forward-thinking management teams and partners to develop customized value drivers, which can be added to the CovQ Assessment’s 60 core value drivers in order to address a company’s, business units’ or functions’ specific needs, domain uniqueness, data sources and competencies. The value creation OS CovQ encompasses a corporate IQ assessment system, a framework, method and knowledge for digital strategy management and team collaboration and alignment. 

CovQ+ redefines how businesses assess and enhance their value creation potential by offering a unique blend of precision, adaptability, and customization.

Tailored Excellence for Optimal Impact

CovQ+ serves as a unique functionality that enables clients to augment the CovQ Core corporate IQ assessment and framework and benchmark data with customized value drivers that resonate deeply with their distinct business ecosystem. In conjunction with CovQ Core, through CovQ+, clients can now craft additional value drivers into the assessment model that aligns perfectly with their most specific goals, strategies, industry, and current business phase. This tailored approach unlocks explicit, highly specific, previously untapped avenues for value creation, growth and innovation, cost savings, allowing businesses to stand out in their competitive landscape and create stakeholder value.

Synthesis of Core Benchmarks and Custom Vision

CovQ+ seamlessly integrates the unique CovQ best-practices derived from CovQ Core with the client’s tailored value drivers, creating an unparalleled fusion of best practices and bespoke insights. Clients can confidently benchmark their performance and establish a solid foundation for strategic decision-making, strategic planning, strategy tracking and reporting. This synthesis embodies a robust methodological underpinning, assuring clients actionable insights and producing reliable results.

Maximizing Differentiation Through Customization

Incorporating CovQ+ into the company’s value creation strategies can mean taking a quantum leap in differentiation. Businesses can spotlight their unique strengths and address their specific challenges by crafting value drivers that embody their ethos. This level of customization empowers companies to showcase their distinctive value proposition, enhancing their position in the market.

Driving Strategic Decisions with Precision to Execution 

Operating within a best practice framework bolstered by CovQ Core and enriched by CovQ+, businesses gain unparalleled insights into their value creation capabilities. This holistic view aids in identifying untapped potential and strategic avenues for growth. CovQ+ transforms complex situations into actionable intelligence, steering businesses towards optimal decision-making and subsequently strategy development, planning and successful, ongoing execution. 

CovQ Testimonials / Case Studies

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About the author:
Ralf Hirt Founder & CEO, 8W8 Advisors Inc., NYC
Ralf Hirt, launched 8W8 Global Business Builders to deliver on his vision to empower founders and business owners to deliver the full potential of their purposes and create compound value. Ralf has accumulated extensive experience throughout a diverse career encompassing volatile phases in the tech, marketing and commerce industries. He held operational executive positions (CXO, MD, VP) around the world including Hong Kong / China, Sydney / Australia, London / UK, Munich / Germany. Last but not least he relocated with DoubleClick (acquired by Google) from Asia to New York City, where he has resided since 2005. In other roles, he drove growth for tech companies such as Harri, TUNE (acquired by Constellation Software), MODE and fit CRM (acquired by Omnicom) as well as advising Prion Group from inception to the successful sale to Accenture.

As a ‘fun fact,’ whilst working with digital publishers and marketers from all over the world as well as circling the globe innumerable times by air and all forms of transport, he developed a desire to make these invisible global and local developments visible; putting things into perspective, creating a context and making the complex accessible. The result was 8W8, the ‘New World Modelling Engine,’ which he introduced in the fiction work 8W8 - Global Space Tribes in 2007 and as an extended edition in summer 2020.

Having worked in companies employing from thirty to several thousand people, mentored dozens of tech businesses, consulted to numerous investors, and benefitted from exec education at INSEAD, SGMI and Prof G (Prof. Scott Galloway), Ralf has consolidated all of his learnings in one cohesive and comprehensive entity. 8W8 Global Business Builders has developed the platform Bauhaus encompassing a method, a framework, know-how and people to create compound value and empower founders and business owners to achieve their full potential and maximise their success in the market.