Fine US venture capital firms have recently added the CovQ, aka Compound Value Creator Quotient, smart Value Creation OS to their tech stack that they recommend to their portfolio companies while CovQ customers can now add the ‘Powered by CovQ’ logo to their investor presentations and marketing materials. 

From a company’s perspective 

Managing strategy execution and value creation effectively and professionally means leveraging a smart system and processes in the most systematic way possible is key to success. This includes the aligned collaboration among the executive management team and board of directors. The time has come that companies use central and agile tools for all this and make investors aware of it as this builds trust and excitement in the first place followed by delivering more likely more attractive outcomes.

From an investor’s perspective

Understanding that an investment target is aware or best-of-breed when it comes to strategy execution infrastructure, reporting, sharing and providing insights into progress and opportunities to add value is key to thrive ambitious investment returns. It also minimizes investment risk in the first place. Taking the CovQ Assessment at the Due Diligence stage is even as important and a unique way to discover, learn and draw better conclusions more quickly.

About the author:
Ralf Hirt CEO & Founder - CovQ by 8W8
Chief Executive Officer and founder, Ralf Hirt, launched CovQ by 8W8 with a vision to empower business owners, management teams, partners, and investors to achieve their full potential and create compound value. Ralf brings extensive experience from diverse roles across volatile phases in the tech, marketing, and commerce industries, holding operational executive positions worldwide, including Hong Kong/China, Sydney/Australia, London/UK, Munich/Germany, and New York City since 2005. Throughout his career, Ralf has driven growth for tech companies such as Harri, TUNE (acquired by Branch & Constellation Software), MODE, DoubleClick (acquired by Google), fit CRM (acquired by Omnicom), in addition to advising Prion Group from inception to successful sale to Accenture. A 'fun fact': Ralf's global experiences inspired the creation of 8W8, the 'New World Modelling Engine,' introduced in his fiction work "8W8 – Global Space Tribes" in 2007 and expanded in summer 2020. With a background spanning companies of various sizes and mentoring dozens of tech businesses, Ralf consolidated his learnings into CovQ by 8W8 leading to the development of the CovQ Value Creation OS and the briefing paper 'Mastering Value Creation by Centering Strategy and Execution' produced by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in association with CovQ by 8W8.