Can a company have a corporate IQ? Yes, it can if you use data to assess, identify and deploy its attributes and value drivers through mission and value-creation-focused systems. 

Can you develop the corporate IQ of your company? Yes, by developing mission-critical priorities and deploying strategies to improve the assessed results on an ongoing basis.

What is CovQ? CovQ (Compound Value Creator Quotient) is a unique and next-generation data-driven management system for forward-thinking and ambitious exec teams and investors. CovQ is more than the sum of its parts.

How is it done? Applying CovQ encompasses a corporate IQ assessment system, framework, method, and knowledge embedded in intelligent SaaS for strategy development, tracking, reporting, and executive team collaboration, communication, and alignment. 

What is the right time and stage? The sooner the better; companies with growth ambitions or in transformation. Only companies that measure their corporate IQ can develop it to evolve and deliver. 

What is being measured? CovQ Score and CovQ Factor of Executive Team Alignment as well as the development of those over time. It is based on 60 Value Drivers. CovQ identifies potentials, issues, blindspots, trends, changes, emergencies and opportunities. 

What is the outcome? The corporate IQ increases and companies are empowered and equipped to deliver the full potential of their mission/purpose by executing mission-critical priorities and strategies better, more reliably, and more often so that they enjoy the benefits of compounding successful strategy delivery to build an unstoppable company. 

What does this mean for investors? Investors like PEs and VCs can assess and monitor the status quo of a company instantly and always, have data around qualities, issues, and potentials, improve the performance of the business steadily and hence maximize value creation from Due Diligence to Exit. They also can facilitate knowledge transfer and lift up portfolio returns as a result. 

What buzzwords are relevant? Value creation OS, strategy system of record, single-source-of-truth, data-driven strategic management, data-driven exec alignment, exec collaboration and communication tool, company lifecycle management, next-generation management system, instrumentalized focus, knowledge deployment

How to get started? It is easy, quick, low touch, and effective. CovQ account set up, briefing of exec team, taking assessments remotely (no preparation necessary), and translating the findings into meaningful actions. Repeat.   

What do CovQ adopters say? Testimonials

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